Thursday, February 16, 2017

NHBMC Winter 2017 Delivery and Parent thank you note!

On February 16, Betty Ann Potvin, Elsie Underhill and Betty Ann Luff delivered teddy bears, pillow cases and fleece blankets to Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center. Thanks to all of the volunteers who spent 454 hours making 229 items.
At the hospital, we were greeted by Home Volunteer Liaison and Sea Trail Grandma, Kim Brandt, NHBMC Volunteer Coordinator, Natalie Clark and NHBMC Volunteer Manager, Deborah Rochelle. Also attending the delivery were Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation Marketing Communications Manager and Community Grant Coordinator, Heather Holbrook and Sea Trail Garden Club President and NHBMC Volunteer, Pam Fisher.

I just wanted to personally thank y'all for this beautiful bear
that Brunswick hospital gave my daughter today! 
She shut her finger in the car door and has been super upset 
but when they gave her this bear it made her day! 
Thank you all so much for donating them, 
it really makes a difference!
Her name is Kyla ☺.
Thank you so much, Cynthia
Beautiful Kyla 💗

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