Saturday, February 16, 2013

THANK YOU NOTE! (Teddy Bear & Pillow Case)

Hi Charlene,
This is Jenn, Ann’s daughter, and we wanted to send you a big thanks for sending Maya the adorable teddy bear and beautiful pillow case. She was so excited to get the package and just delighted when she ripped it open and found the home made teddy bear just for her. It really made her day and she carries it around the house all the time now. We put the pillow case on her pillow and she sleeps every night with it now. It’s so funny because she doesn’t want any other pillows on her bed now. She knows that was special for her and loves that.
My mom told me a little bit about what you and the Sea Trail Grandmas do and I think it’s so great. I’m sure the kiddos stuck in the hospital are thrilled to have such a special gift. Maya has spent many days in the hospital and we see kids that are there a lot more than us. It’s nice to make it a fun place and give their bed some color.
Attached is a picture of Maya with her teddy bear.
You can see how happy she is.
THANK YOU so much! What you do is wonderful!
All our best,
Jenn, Jeff, Maya & Sara

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