Thursday, October 25, 2012


A total of 1,078 items 
were delivered to local hospitals; 
This achievement has been possible by the wonderful work of 40 Sea Trail Grandmas volunteers, THANK YOU to all of you.
THANK YOU also to the Sea Trail Garden Club, Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation and to ALL of our generous donors.
Without your contributions this project would not be feasible.
Brunswick Novant Medical Center 
141 items have been delivered
We were welcomed by Manager Volunteers Deborah B. Rochelle and Guests Services Representative Nathalie L. Clark. They were very happy with our delivery of 114 newborn hats (57 boys and 57 girls) and also 27 beautiful teddy bears. The Brunswick Novant Medical Center President Shelbourn Stevens came to join us.  He greatly appreciates our many donations and thank you very much.

Brunswick Novant Medical Center President, Shelbourn Stevens
with  Sea Trail Grandmas Joanne McDonough & Michele Lupien
57 Boy Hats and 57 Girl Hats
 The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington
937 items have been delivered
The Nurse Manager Brandy Garris was very happy and surprised to see that we make so many articles. She contacts another NICU nurse so she could join us with a cart.
She showed us the NICU and we saw a premature baby lying on a Sea Trail Grandmas protect coddler (small sheet that cover the inside coddler, they are also used for: medical examinations, bed pad, burp cloth, when bathing the babies, etc...)
She told us they love and use everything we give them and they greatly appreciate.
We talked about quilts covering incubators. She would prefer that we continue to do the things we do now, because they greatly need them.
Some of you wonder if we have enough items to provide the NICU department.
Here are some figures:
The NICU has 45 beds and receives about 600 preemies each year.
Here some of the articles we've done this year; 71 knit blanket and hat sets, 12 sleep sack sets, 3 sweater sets, 32 coddlers "preemie nests", 292 gowns, 137 sheets, 576 protect coddlers.
As you can see, presently we do not provide the department completely.
We also provide the Spring (bunny hats), Fall (pumpkin hats) and Winter (Santa hats) projects (around 50 hats and 40 matching blankets for each projects).
Those projects bring a little joy to the medical staff and parents who live a very difficult time.
From right to left;
A NICU Nurse and  Nurse Manager Brandy Garris
Sea Trail Grandmas Joanne et Michele
The Fall Project;
49 Pumpkin Hats and 40 Fleece Blankets

83 gowns

19 nest "coddlers", 137 sheets, 426 coddler sheets
and 2 fleece blankets
45 Knit Blankets, 67 Hats, 2 sweaters and socks
1 Bunting, 12 Sleep Sacks, 1 Sweater, 13 Hats,
10 pair of mittens and 1 pair of booties

More items;
1 coddler, 25 gowns, 1 knit blanket and hat set

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