Wednesday, June 6, 2012


From the NICU Manager Nurse
Sea Trail Grandmas,
I wanted to let you know how much we loved the Halloween and Thanksgiving last year items. They were perfect and we do not need any changes for this year.
We also wanted to let you know the fleece coddlers are doing wonderful and our staff really like them.
Brandi Page

From Preemie Parents 
which really brings home why we do what we do.
“Dear Loretta and all of the Sea Trail Grandmas”,
I just wanted to give sincere thanks for the beautiful hats and blankets we've received from you throughout our 4-month stay in NHRMC's NICU. Our son, Gunnar, is going home on Monday! The journey has been long and hard, and there are so many thanks we need to say to people who have made it just a bit easier...and you are one of them. We have sweet memories to tell Gunnar about the battles he fought in his early days, and now we also have tangible tales to tell about all the wonderful people who have supported him when we show him his baby blanket and hats. What you are doing is such a wonderful thing. It's incredible how much we, the NICU families, forget about how important it is to have handmade love for your son or daughter. For you to give us such selfless reminders is a true godsend.
So, thank you. From Gunnar, from myself, and from all of the NICU families who receive your beautiful creations. God bless you all.
Jeff, Lara and Gunnar"
"My daughter Jozie was in the NICU for several weeks this past fall. She was one of the lucky girls to receive a pumpkin hat and was so precious and so was she when she was all dolled up. The nurses got her all dressed up in the items on Halloween night and had some cute pictures on her board waiting for us the next morning. We were also very lucky to receive a hat and sweater towards the end of our stay. We just wanted to say thank you very much!! Josie has some growing room and hopefully will get to wear the hat next Halloween too (with a little stretching:))
Thank you again!
Victoria W."
To: Betty Ann P. and Betsy S.,
My son was born 6 months ago and I apologize that it has taken me so long to write this email, but such are the joys of having a newborn to take up all of my time! I just wanted to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH" for the beautiful blankets and hat that you knit for my little boy while he was in the NICU unit in the hospital. It was such a lovely thought and so kind of you to give your time to create these lovely gifts for the NICU babies.
It really touched us and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated it,
Thank you so much again and hope you continue to bring joy to those parents, whose babies need to visit NICU, 
Liz B.
Note From: 
Betty Ann P.; It makes our work all worthwhile!
Betsy S.; How sweet!
Dear Grandma's,
I wanted to thank you, at least via email for the lovely hat and shawl that was ever so kindly knitted by Barbara B.
It is very much appreciated by both Mom & Dad and will certainly help keep our baby boy Saiyam warm this winter.
Thank you again.
With appreciation,
Tej, Nilpa & Saiyam A.

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