Friday, June 8, 2012


Sally Dambaugh, BCH Nurse Volunteer made a request to one of our Sea Trail Grandmas, Charlene Doolittle, if we could make Teddy Bears for the Hospital.   She said the bears are used in same-day surgery and in the emergency rooms. They are given to children by the nurses when there is a need. Sally also said, “It is a great comfort to the children to have the bears and they cling to them as if they were made of gold.”  
Teddy Bears made by Charlene.
 Some material has been provided by Sea Trail Grandmas
We also received this Thank you note from The Brunswick Novant Volunteers.
Dear Charlene & Sea Trail Grandmas,
Thank you so much for making those wonderful bears.
There will be some very, very happy children when they get a bear to help them through a difficult time.
We so appreciate your generosity
Thank you,
The Brunswick Novant Volunteers

Welcome to anyone who would like to help Charlene by sewing the bears or embroidering little eyes and noses!

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