Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Note send to Christy a Sea Trail Grandmas
"Thank you for making the beautiful pink and white hat.
It was a great treat to receive a homemade hat at the hospital.  My baby girl, Zaida, was born Dec 28th.  She has worn that hat almost everyday.  Thank you,  Maureen Wood"
And all Sea Trail Grandmas
"Thank you for all you guys do.  It makes everything that more wonderful to have something homemade.  Maureen"
Comments received from Sea Trail Grandmas:
"So sweet.  Betty Ann"
"Little Zaida is adorable and looks darling in our hat.  This is what makes us continue our knitting.  Charlene"
"To Zaida  parents:  Congratulation on your beautiful new baby girl!  Love, Michele"

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