Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Lenz Family

We would love to share with all of you a note and a picture that Mary Ann Seely and Michele Lupien  received from the Lenz family. The beautiful Ivy Jane is wearing the hat and the blanket we knitted for the preemies at the New Handover Regional Medical center NICU. It was heartwarming to received the note and the picture. Congratulations and thank you Lenz family!

"Dear Ms. Lupien and Ms. Seely,
Thank you so much for the pink hat and blanket! My baby is wearing it right now. Having a preemie means that we did not have anything ready at home, so it was especially nice to be given a handmade hat and blanket for her to wear home! It truly means a lot that you took your time to make that so our daughter, even though you do not even know my family! We promise to take good care of it. We really appreciate you kindness.
The Lenz Family"

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