Saturday, February 20, 2010

SeaTrail Grandmas update (2-20-2010)

Hi everybody,
Thank you very much to the Garden Club for this year $ 200.00 donation and also all of you who donated their time and/or money, baby yarn, baby flannel, buttons, thread, etc.
Thank you to the ten ladies who attended the SeaTrail Grandmas meeting last Monday and thank you also to all volunteers who work from home.
Monday the 15th we worked on:
-Cutting 20 gowns and 32 protect coddlers
-Hand sewing labels "Love, SeaTrail Grandmas" on finished items
-Knitting babies items
-Sewing coddler and putting together instructions so that more volunteers can sew them.
A special thanks to Betty Ann Luff and Pat McKee for all their help with the coddlers instructions.
The NICU at New Hanover Medical Center really need those coodlers and we need volunteer to sew them.
Since last September 550 items were done:
62 hats, 6 buntings, 31 blankets, 80 gowns, 13 coddlers, 296 protect coddlers, 57 protect sheets and 5 sheets.
It is now time to deliver them to the hospital.
If you have any finished items at home, please bring them back before Thursday (2-25-2010).
Thursday morning everything that we made will be blessed by "The Prayer Circle".
We will asked health and protection for those tiny babies who will be using our items.
***** If you have unfinished gowns or coddlers and you will not sew them PLEASE bring them back to us ****
**** There are a plastic bin outside at my front entrance to drop off items (for more information please e-mail me).****
Sea Trail Grandmas
By: Michele Lupien

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