Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thank You notes from twin girls parents!

We received from twin girls parents 
pictures and thank you notes 
for the layette we send them.
Chloe Rose and Zoe Jane
 born on October 16, 2016
Level 2 preemies
Zoe Jane 2lbs and 15oz
Chloe Rose 4lbs and 2oz

46 layettes items send to the twins.

These are so amazing!!!
Please give these
wonderful ladies
our biggest thank you 
so until we can get a card out. 
We've got tears right now.
Brennan and Christi!
From ZOE and CHLOE our Lil Punkins'
Special thanks to the Sea Trail Grandmas
for making all these preemie clothes,
bedding, swaddle’s 
and other assorted items. 
We are so lucky and blessed and 
these Halloween outfits are adorable.

Beautiful little princesses
Zoe and Chloe 1 month old!

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Kim said...

Adorable,,,,,,,I want to hold them :0).
Happy Sewing Everyone!