Monday, March 7, 2016

2016 Spring Delivery to the NICU

The 2016 Spring Delivery to the NICU was a great success. 
Thanks to you, 1,030 items were delivered. 
Eileen McConville, Director of Volunteers, greeted Sea Trail Grandma volunteers: Dolores Geisler, Inge Wilson, Joanne McDonough, Arlene Cook and Betty Ann Luff. 
Hospital staff, Susan McKendrick, Sonja Jones and Cynthia McIntyre were also on hand to see what we brought for the babies and to say thanks.
We also donated a large bag of household and personal items to the Family House. We ended our day with a little shopping and a nice lunch.


51 Bunny Hats
40 Fleece Spring Blankets
43 Blue and 31 Pink  Bunny Gowns 

38 Gowns
276 Coddler Sheets and 394 Receiving Blankets

65 Bonding Dolls
1 sleep sac and hat set, 
45 knitted blankets and 45 hats.

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Kim said...

Amazing amount of work generous!