Monday, November 8, 2010

Delivery to the NICU at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington

On November 4, 2010, we delivered the finished items to the NICU in Wilmington.
Along for the trip was Michele, Peg, Delores, Olga, and Betty Ann. We were welcomed in the lobby by Hospital Administrator, Barbara Beuchler and Nurse Manager, Brandi Page.
As we carried everything to the preemie's wing, several nurses called out “thank you” to us. They were all so appreciative of everything. They use everything that we send, especially the gowns, flannel blankets and coddlers with protect sheets. And, they love that they can send babies home with a beautiful, handmade gift from the Sea Trail Grandmas.
Those of us who attended today came away inspired to do more.

In this picture (from left to right) - Betty Ann Luff, Dolores Geisler, Olga Vilaca, Michele Lupien,(Nurse Manager) Brandi Page, Peg Jones and (Hospital Administrator) Barbara Beuchler.
We also found out that they like to dress the babies for the holidays. They would love some small hats in holiday colors. We think we can deliver some before the holidays because they only need about 32 of them. One idea was to make a white hat with a red stripe like a candy cane or something in green and white. Let Michele know if you are interested making holiday hats for the babies because we’ll have to do it pretty quickly.

Preemie hats in x small, small, medium and large sizes.

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